World’s most powerful ring magnets used in servo motors and electric power steering motors, realizing powerful, smooth, and silent operation.



High performance magnets used in personal computers, cell phones, and a variety of sensors. A wide variety of shapes is available.



Highest performance among all the isotropic bonded magnets. Higer heat and corrosion resistance than the Nd-Fe-B counterparts, suitable for demanding application environment.

Corporate information

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with our integrated technologies and comprehensive support.

Greetings and management principle

Corporate policy and greeting from representative president.

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Corporate profile & history

Introduction of corporate outline and history

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Domestic locations

Introduction of domestic factories, sales department (address etc.)

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Overseas locations

Introduction of essential information (address, etc.) of overseas factories and the offices.

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Environmental Policy

Fundamental policy of Daido Electronics Co., Ltd. toward environmental preservation

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ISO, IATF certification

Daido Group’s ISO, IATF certification acquisition status

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member of regional society, Daido participates in activities such as traffic safety campaigns and local industrial promotion.

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