Magnetic field analysis, dynamic flow analysis

Flow analysis

In addition to the conventional mass production technology and know-hows, flow analysis is being used to optimize the mold design.

Daido electronics provides the total solution, from mold design to prototype to serial production for the magnet injection molding (one material / two materials and insert molding).

For particularly important mold designs, we utilize our flow analysis technique for the optimization of the mold design in order to deliver the best quality products.

Example of flow analysis

  • Software: 3D TIMON(Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  • Analysis model: Relationship between gate positions and the flow time in the insert injection molding.

Please be advised that the magnet modeling itself is not disclosed due to confidentiality agreements with the customers.

Drawing of molded product

Inserted parts

Perspective view

Analysis result (animation)

Material flow and fill time during molding

Temperature during molding